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The petrol price is constantly rising! However, the LPG price is always at least half of that sum! Why, then, not to take an opportunity and convert your vehicle into Lpg system? It will run just like it runs on petrol. There will not be any difference, except one- money you spend on fuel. The bad news is for those driving the cars running on Diesels. Those cars, unfortunately, cannot be converted into LPG.

This LPG conversion kit includes everything you need to fully convert your vehicle into LPG. You do not even have to visit the garage. Everything you need is a computer, a few tools and our conversion kit. The kit you get is exactly the same as the one that we are constantly using in our garage. If you are not sure whether the kit is suitable for your particular car, we envite you to e- mail us. We will help you to make a good decision and suit all components.

The kit presented here is suitable for 4 cylinder petrol cars!!!


KING is an advanced injection, designed for use with the latest petrol driven car. It can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles powered by LPG or CNG. The system is fully homologatedin compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel system ( R 67-01 and R 110) and keeps emission well within the limits established by strictest standards ( Euro 4).


KING- ensures execllent vehicle performances when running with gas, without affecting in any way car performanceswith petrol.


KING makes automatically the best combustion results, veryfies continually conditions of enginie's behaviour. It takes control on many results (such as petrol injection time, gas pressure and temperature, reducer temperature) and determines proper number of gas injective which can reduce fumes emission and extend catalytic converter living.



KING- thanks to its versatility it can operate sequential, half-sequential and fullgrup systems. Thanks to its innovations, KING is compatible with injective strips:




RAIL (2Ώ,3Ώ )


Also with reducers:









The main features of KING system:

Easy and quick system set-up

To use as a LPG/CNG instalation

Precise calculations of gas doses properly to LPG and CNG specyfication

Reliability of system work

Operate sequential, half-sequential and fullgrup systems

Many way of juxtaposition injective strips and reducers


*REDUCER TOMASETTO ALASKA or OMVL CPR - inside the reducer the liquid gas becomes vaporised, the task of the reducer is to keep the pressure on the proper level (1,2 bar), there is also the temperature sensor- it provides the control panel with the information necessary for its proper work

*INJECTOR RAIL (Valtek or OMVL fast- you choose)- this element serves to inject the fuel to the intake manifold


*LPG AUTOGAS FILTER (2x 11mm)- owing to its small dimensions the integrated LPG gas filter is very easy to install. It is equipped with high quality filter cartridge manufactured using state-of-the-art filtering materials. It is recommended to replace the cartridge every 10.000-15.000km.

* WIRING - the wires of KING system are arranged into one bundle of power cables, cables for controlling electrovalves and injectors, and signal cables for sensor and the switch. The bundle of cables is connected to the gas control unit via an airtight FCI wire harness. All cables have appropriate plugs for gas injectors, temperature sensor and P1/MAP sensor, which simplifies the wiring procedure. To prevent wiring errors the cables are colour- coded as indicated in the diagram.

*SWITCH - the switch unit has an aesthetic appeal and can be easily installed inside the vehicle compartment. It acts as a 2-position gas/petrol selector switch witch a gas mode indicator and incorporates a fuel gauge. You will find the switch unit inside the control kit bag with all the elements that are needed to install the system: temperature sensor, reducer, buzzer, P1/MAP sensor adapter and bands and connectors.

*INTEGRATED PRESSURE SENSOR - an integrated pressure sensor measures gas pressure and negative pressure in the MAP suction manifold. Based on the gas and MAP pressure readings, which are the engine load reference, the main unit calculates the best LPG amount for optimal driving quality and fuel consumption.

*COPPER WIRES AND RUBBER HOSES (complete)- the copper wire link the gas tank with the reducer, the water hoses are used to link the reducer’s heating cycle, the elastic gas hoses connecting reducer with injector rail as well as the rail with the collector's ending.


*GAS TANK- toroidal or cylindrical tank installed with the usage of the brackets and screws, it uses the most space available, if you want to have the tank in the spare wheel well, we will supply the biggest tank ( max 60 litre) that will fit the well, unless you want cylindrical tank- then you have to inform us about the length and diameter of the boot or the make of the car and will find the best tank that will suit.


*MULTIVALVE (Tomasetto)- it is installed in the tank hole, it contains the valve that limits the repletion to 80%, remotely-controlled valve limiting outflow, the valve guarding from too high pressure rise, temperature guard, and fuel level sender.


*Filler LPG/Autogas- it ensures tight link with the petrol pump, it is equipped with the valve guarding from uncontrolled gas outflow after the separation from the petrol pump, the valve is locked after each tanager with the dummy guarding against pollution inflow.

*LEVEL SENDER (0-90 Ohm) 

*ORIGINAL AUTOGAS LPG INTERFACE - diagnostic interface for LPG instalation regulation.

*SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION - the simple and user-friendly interface of the KING MP32 software application makes it easy to set the parameters and program the system by users with only basic training in gas system. The logical and intuitive character of the application saves time and eliminates errors, making programming easy and comfortable.

If you are at least basically familiar with the mechanic issues, it will be fairly easy for you to convert your car. Nevertheless, if you stuck at any point we ensure full support via e-mails.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for the interest in our product. Hope the description was of some usage for you.

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